!!Lunar Lander!! 1 is a video game based level by UlyssesK402. It was stuck onto the wiki because it has a low play count and not many ratings.

Screenshot (4)


You start off in a spaceship triangle with low gravity from triggers, with controls on the right and a Thank You message to the famous Youtuber, Jacksepticeye, for playing his level made before this one, which was a Segway Race.

You fly on with a spinning knife thing, and you enter a hole full of knife things. When you get the box, you leave the hole and try to get the box to a platform that will fly up and you win the level.


  • Sometimes, the head pops out of the ship for no reason. This will make the player vulnerable to the knife things, and sometimes the head will break off.
  • A rare glitch is that a jet on the ship blows up, making flight harder
    • The glitch is worse when both jets blow up.


  • This level is based off of a ROBLOX catalog item.
  • This is one of the levels known for using the Black Hole glitch for an outro.
  • The level is difficult, so the authors comments says NOT to rate poor if you can't win.
  • If you fly straight up at the start, first, you see gray background, which the maker has no idea why it happened. Then, you see the outro screen, but you will fall back down.