The start screen for the level Flappy Bird.

-=Flappy Bird=- is a pixelated level made by Ghais. This level has over 20,000 plays, and 3.90 rating with 135 votes.


This level is very similar to the real Flappy Bird, except the physics in this level can be a little bit annoying.

You start flying in place, and the level tells you to press space, then when you press space you start flapping, jumbing, or whatever, and the instructions disappear, some pipes start coming in your way. Your object is to fly between them, you fly through 10 pipes, until you reach the finish line, A TotalJerkFace Monster photo appears, It says "TJF Monster Coming on June 5th", and the victory menu shows up.


  • The level may lag, because of the large ammount of pixels.
  • It has many glitches which can make the player win.
  • Decreasing the quality will cause the level to lag more.