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The whole level.

Boxesis a level made by tjbravo6 which has a play count of 537 and a rating of 3.5 stars out of 2 votes.


You control a box/crate mech and attempt to get the all the coins. In order to complete the level you must get a key from the top right corner of the screen and go to the door at the left side of the screen. However, this does not cause you to finish the level but makes a text saying "Winner" appear above the door. When the level starts, a text that says "Press Space to Start" is above the box mech. When you press space the text disappears and you are able to control the mech with the following controls.


Up arrow: to move to the right

Down arrow: to move to the left

Space: jump

Shift: to glide/fall slower

To the right of where you start of there is a tiny launch pad which when touched launches the player to the left possibly knocking them into the spikes which is intended to prevent the crate from moving, but fails to do so. To get to the key the player must jump to the right and jump through the platforms to the far right of the screen. While retreiving the key the player will collect coins on the way. When the key is taken, the player must jump off of the platform to the left. The player can then choose to either take all the coins or go to the door as the coins are not mandatory to win.


  • It is not told how to win in the level.
  • The mech is inspired by GHAIS 's Pixel Hobo Test mech.
  • Although intended to make the box mech unable to move, the spikes do not completely disable the mech's movement
  • Not a lot of time was spent on the art.
  • The controls say that space (to jump) cannot be held, but you are actually able to hold space in order to repeatedly jump approximately every second.