Are you bored? Are you unable to find a good level? Here is a list of challenging levels for you!

Please add original levels only. Any levels like Sword throws, and 99% impossible levels will be deleted. The levels are sorted from hardest to easiest in a descending order, if you are not familiar with the wiki editor ask someone to help you. 

Available Challenges


Level Name Difficulty  Author  Link to Level Recommended for:
The Obstacle Course Really Hard williamfy0


Skilled players
CAT MARIO STAGE 1 Insane Super cj1 Play Skilled Players
Obstacle Course 2 Insane Super cj1 Play Adept Veterans
BOOMBOX DELIVERY PRO  Insane Stamsarger Play Caution Specialist
 Ice adventure Insane Bigbloodhead Play Hardcore Users
!!Lunar Lander!! 1 Hard UlyssesK402 Play Legendary Astronauts
-=Flappy Bird=- Insane     Ghais     Play Timing Addicts
-Helicopter Course-   Insane   LWPeterson Play Mission Lovers
Pyramid of the Gods Insane bobisdacool1 Play Experienced Person
The Haunted Factory (1.0) Insane LWPeterson Play The Toughest
The Heaven Gates Insane BigBloodHead Play Ninjas
City Rescue Insane Ghais Play Heroes
GEOMETRY DASH LVL 2 Hard TobiasAlcaraz Play Skilled and explorers
Don't Get Melted V2 Hard BigBloodHead Play Segway Skiller
Town of THRILL!! Hard LWPeterson Play Adrenaline Maniacs
Super BossFight Hard Bigbloodhead Play BossFighters
TJF Monster Hard Ghais Play Hardcore BossFighters
The Pink Sass Hard the2000thecoolperson Play Mediocre Boss Fighters
The Haunted Factory (2.0)  Hard LWPeterson Play Challenge Accepters
The Time Lab Hard bobisdacool1 Play Fast Thinkers
=-Deserted Island-= Hard LWpeterson Play Thriller Lovers
Don't Get Melted! Hard  BigBloodHead Play Segway Skiller
Valentine Rope Swing  Hard LWPeterson Play Glory Person
-=(!THE - MAZE!)=- Hard McTrash Play Good Mind
GEOMETRY DASH LEVEL Hard TobiasAlcaraz Play Skilled and explorers

Table Races!

 Medium  LWPeterson Play Nascar Racers
Interactive Eject Master   Medium   BigBloodHead Play Jumpers
Drawn Level      Medium  LWPeterson Play Challenge Accepters
-=The Escape=- Medium BigBloodHead Play Reasoning Players
Stunt Mania 2 Medium  BigBloodHead Play Adrenaline Addicts
The Abstract Level 5   Medium  Theshywillraindeath Play Fast Thinkers
Pogostick thief! Medium LWPeterson Play Addicted to Pogo

These levels are totally dedicated for you!

Have fun, and good luck.