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The beginning.

Classic HappyWheels2 is a level made by LWPeterson. It has over 4,000 plays with a rating of 3.87 stars with 23 votes. You can play as any character. It is an adventure level.


This level has little detail, and used no recently added level editor tools. This level was made to show that a level doesn't have to be super detailed, or use lots of triggers in order to be fun. It was made to be like a level that was made sometime in 2011.


You start on grass, with a tree to your left, and a Moped girl, Irresponsible Dad's son to your right. You go forward, and hit the Moped Girl and the Irresponsible Dad's son. You ride over more people and objects, and you go uphill. When going up the hill, you will see a van which made some marks on the grass. You soon reach the top of the hill, you hit a Lawnmower Man NPC carrying a boombox, and a trash can. You then go over a cliff, and you hit some rocks which then fall down the cliff as well.

Once you reach the bottom of the cliff, you soon enter a town. The signs on the stores are mildly humorous, like "Cool Store" and "And Another Store". You then enter another park, and go back onto the street where
Classic HappyWheels2

In town.

there will be a wreaking ball you must avoid, and you hit a Wheelchair Guy NPC on a toilet. You go through a loop with more buildings, then go down, another part loop will send you across, and you will then go onto the finish line, win the level, and then run into many different randomly placed miscellaneous objects.


  • This level was called Classic HappyWheels2 because it is a sequel to PLT's featured level Classic Happy Wheels .
  • Since there was no background color selector in the level options at the time this level was replicating, if you go high enough, you will see the green hills background.