#Coca-Cola Course 2


the beginning


Tayrone11's mom bought me a coca cola mountainbike, That's pretty awesome!

Tayrone11 a fan of Coca-Cola so he made this level. I you search in the level browser

for 'coca cola', the only levels there exist in HW, are levels with throwin'

mentos in a coke bottle, and see brown colored circles coming out, So...

I thought if i make a REAL coke level, I would be the first one, and I am!

I worked a lot on it!

There is a hidden pepsi logo somewhere. Can you find it?


It is a obstacle course, based on coca cola.

I'ts pretty hard too

part 2 is a lot easyer then the first one


Coca-Cola Course 2

and, this is the link to my original coke level