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Happy Wheels 1
« DARK FOREST » is a level made by Not A Number. Currently, it has approximately been played 14,000+ times with a rating of 4.43 stars with 65 votes.Segway guy is the forced character.

Description and gameplay

This level is a bit detailed and it has some obstacles. The scene takes place at night. At the beginning of the level, the scene is set outside in a forest. Your goal is to exit it carefully. The atmosphere is very dark, weird and stressful. When you get into the haunted house, more precisely in the bathroom, you have to run and dodge the knife which is thrown in front of you pressing the keys « shift » and « spacebar ». Next, you have to rush again out of the forest dodging falling rocks. When you enter the underground, you have to choose between two ways. If you choose the left way, there's a killer on his lawnmower! So, if you take this way, you have to escape from him going to the right way. Then, you can choose once again between two ways on your way to the building. After this, you have to rush to another house which is less detailed than the first at the beginning of the level. Finally, push down the tree in front of you. Then, as you can see, the atmosphere changes a lot: the landscape is much more peaceful than before. Congratulations, you have finished the level!

Level type

This kind of level belongs to mission levels. .


  • This level can only be played with the Segway guy.
  • The level could lag on slow/old computers. You can turn down the quality in the options.
  • The author worked almost a month on this level.
  • This level is a bit inspired by « Hansel and Gretel » a level made by MrOrder.

About the author

  • A lot of authors in Happy Wheels think that Not A Number is English. Actually, it is French.