DON'T TOUCH PUMPKINS is a challenge level by stamsarger. It was published on June 16th 2015 and it currently (26th June 2015) has 813 plays (oh God, every original level is punished like this) and a 3.00 rating out of 5 votes (2.67 weighted). You can play it as any character, but not as Lawnmower Man, Santa Claus and Helicopter Man.


The bug which this level takes advantage is the NaN motor. Stamsarger have a guide on youtube about this. It's originally designed for Irresponsible Mom. She and Effective Shopper are the best character for this, apart from Pogostick Man, who can jump over the pumpkins. However, this removes most of the difficulty from the level. You must pass a wall of pumpkins which kills you when touched.



The color of the game is red, with a rail killing Irresponsible Son, Irresponsible Daughter (or whatever she's called) and blocking Santa, Lawnmower and Helicopter Man.

How to make a NaN joint

Check out my tutorial on this on youtube.


  • After I made the tutorial, I made the level.
  • It's really easy to cheat.
  • I used it to make a bottle run.
  • I. Son's feet appear whether you play as I. Dad.
  • There's an axe to kill I.Mom's baby, but it's really annoying as another character.
  • As Effective Shopper, you can press Space and Z and go past the pumpkins.