Defend Your Teammate Is a [FIRST PERSON] comeback level made by Bigbloodhead. It currently has low plays (republished,a 4.33 Star rating with over 3 votes. It's a First Person level.


The level has 4 waves, and each one comes with a different amount of zombies. You play as captain Mark Collins, and you must defend your ally named Jason from the waves of zombies. You have 2 chances, if

Jason,the character you must protect in the level.

a zombie gets close to Jason, he will shove him back agressively with the butt of his gun. You have to shoot your scoped M4A1 to kill the walkers in order to accomplish the level.


  • This level is one of the unique playable first person levels in Happy Wheels.
  • The level got reuploaded more than 3 times, due to low a play count.