Dungeon Blitz HW's Teaser 1

Dungeon Blitz is a level (which it's status is working in progress right now) which it's about a MMO Multiplayer game called Dungeon Blitz. For the moment, the player have to explore the tomb of the goddes Ellyria and see if she did hidden something there... there was rumours that her soldiers and guardians prepared a temple which her tomb would be located, to protect her's body and her sacred belongings from thieves like Svagg (play the official game to know more about the story of the level and characters, note: this wasn't happened in the real game).

There was rumours too that she had an piece of the Dreadfold Gate, which allows you to send an alternative universe which no one knows what are there. If the rumours are true, you'll be able to find that piece on Ellyria's Tomb, at the end of the Dungeon.

Note: My PC is slow, and it's probably that the map's size will go varying of how many my PC resist the decorations, arts and tramps. If it's short, the full story will go separated by different levels.

Dungeon Blitz HW's Teaser 2