HW IOS Level 11
Level map as seen on the editor.
Creator: TobiasAlcaraz
Date created 21.09.2015
Rating 5 stars (2 votes)

Playable character Segway guy

Difficulty Hard - Normal

Playable character Segway guy

Link Play

HW IOS Level 11 is a level made by TobiasAlcaraz the 21.09.2015, which got inspired to make this level from GHAIS (by him I made this IOS level, because he was the first on get dat idea) and, obviuosly, from the original level.

This map is, basically, an obstacle course in a under-constrcution-like zone which contains some hazards and platforms which elevates you to another zone. The difficulty of this map is Hard, and it will have a Nightmare version which will be (probably) 5 - 10 times more harder than the normal one.

It's current rating is of 5 stars and 963 players played the level. It have only 1 replay from the creator clearing the level.