SAVE BILLY! ENHANCED is a non-published adventure level series being worked on by stamsarger. It will be similar to the featured "Taken 3" by sachamun. Irresponsible Dad will be the forced character. The production will last months, because, as I mentioned, it's a level series.


In this series, you're a desperate single dad whose son has been kidnapped. One day,he is discussing with his ex-wife, a man shows up and reveals the truth; his son has been kept for years, because Irresponsible Dad never received the message asking for money to release his son. Suddenly, a man shoots the guy who revealed that. It's obvious that Irresponsible dad's enemy doesn't want the son to return. Irresponsible Dad starts a trip. At least this is the plot of the first part.


  • I haven't figured out how this will continue. Probably next parts will have other dads save their sons.
  • All the detail will be designed by my brother, George, who doesn't have a HW account.
  • I'll take some XMLs from the level help.