Subway Rampage is a featured level by bobisdacool1. It currently has over 2,300,000 plays and a rating of 4.50 from over 3700 votes. It is a vehicle level.

Sub donut

Attacking the doughnut.


A beginning screen appears depicting a chubby hand holding a smartphone while driving through a tunnel. The phone receives a text telling you to head over to McDonald's to get some McNuggets, and you respond that you'll "b rite ther". The screen fades and a message prompts you to press SPACE to control the subway car.

You drive the subway off the rails and across the station platform, taking out some bystanders as you pass. You then drive up an escalator and jump into a hospital. After causing some mayhem, you crash through the other side of the hospital and knock over a doughnut, which rolls off the roof onto some vans. You pass the police station and a cop starts driving after you. You speed by some buildings, crash through a gas station, and pass by a park before coming to the McDonald's. Finally, the victory is triggered and you are brought to an end screen depicting a subway that flashes red.


- It is currently the 3rd highest rated featured level.

- Most of the cityscape artwork was created by Ghais and can also be found it City Rescue . This level is also an example of when XML-sharing produces good results.

- It is the 1st and only level to have Effective Shopper as the forced character.