The beginning screen of The Climber Ball V2.

The Climber Ball V2 is a vehicle level by FutureBusMan. It stands at nearly 844,000 plays with a rating of 4.74 stars and 4,500+ votes. It is currently the highest rated level in Happy Wheels.

About the level

This particular vehicle is a complete revamp of the first version. The Climber Ball moved simply by the left and right arrow keys, whereas V2 consists of two parts, the body and a spoked wheel that essentially allows it to move without rotating the character using the up and down arrow keys.Again, this level is structured like a demolition lab. You'll find yourself not only smashing vans, glass, and human test dummies, but you'll also climb walls. Beware the mines, though. They can sometimes kill you.


  • This is FutureBusMan's highest rated and played level
  • It is the highest rated level in Happy Wheels history.
  • The Climber Ball - Destruction was basically going to be V3. It was set in a city area. It has been cancelled.
  • The vehicle was inspired by an earlier level called The Spectre Ball. You can see the similarities between these two vehicles

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The Spectre Ball