Happywheelsthe pink sass 2

The beginning of the level.

The Pink Sass is an adventure level by the2000thecoolperson (the2000) where you fight a pink monster entitled "The Pink Sass." You can play as any character except for Helicopter Guy, which will cause the level to say "NO."


The level starts with a "long drum" sound effect, and then introduction text says "They are kind and polite... Unless, of course, you get on their nerves..." Next to that is a creature entitled "The Pink Sass" with a spinning arm, which is holding an axe. You have to get past them by doing a large wheelie, and then you must run on the bridge with great speed or else either TPS will punch you or the bridge will fall down with you on it. Here there is another TPS with a spinning arm, except now it's carrying spikes. With good timing, you can go under the spikes. Then, there's a pit which leads to a dodging segment where you follow the arrows to not get squished by TPS's fists. Then you go in the tunnel, but stop before you exit, or else you will get crushed. Once TPS's hand is gone, you proceed to the final challenge, which is TPS except with a rope with an axe instead of an axe or spikes. With a large wheelie with good timing, you can pass, and the screen will turn white before awarding you a victory.


  • This is the first level by the2000thecoolperson to be on this wiki.
  • This is the first level by the2000thecoolperson to be tested with all characters and have a playtesting process with his brother, who has made two levels, neither of which are on this wiki.
  • This level was inspired by IAMURHUSBAND, GHAIS's TJF Monster, farlaineloco's Happy Wheels HD/3D, and was originally created after watching Jim Bonacci's polygon tool example video.
  • This level was made as a tribute to the polygon tool, which was technically replaced with the art tool.
  • The Pink Sass's arm is interactive.
  • This is the first level by the2000thecoolperson to have promotional art, and (technically) advertisement. [1]
The Pink Sass. This is going to my my grest (greatest + best) level yet.
 This pink warrior has a temper! Dodge swinging obstacles and many 
punches and ride your way to victory!                                                  (Of course, it's coming soon, not already here, but you wait!)
The pink sass 1

The picture taken to promote the level.