Tob Adv

Fighting the Mini-Minotaur.

Tobuscus Adventures! is a level by Bobisdacool1 . It currently has over 160,000 plays and a rating of 4.72 out of over 250 votes. Moped Couple is the forced character.


You begin as wizard Tobuscus from his upcoming game - this character is part of a custom-made vehicle that you control. Beneath the character is a description of items and spells that you have at your disposal. Your task is to fight off zombies and defeat the Lord of Darkness in order to save Gryphon. The main gameplay moves as follows: You fight a few zombies, go into a cave to collect some items, and use those items to kill zombies harassing Tim-Tim. You then continue to a storage hall for an item, use that item against a Mini-Minotaur, break into the castle and fight a knight, out-wit the Lord of Darkness with an astounding piece of knowledge, and finally save Gryphon, taking you to the victory screen.


- This level makes numerous references to songs and episodes on the Tobuscus channel. These include diamond swords, Mini-Minotaurs, safety torches and safety water, nugget-biscuits, the Lord of Darkness, cashews coming from fruits, Tim-Tim, hot-hot-hot zombies, and more.

- This level was played by Tobuscus. See his reaction in the video to the right! (Skip to 5:10). The level was submitted on Christmas, intended as a present for Tobuscus.



- Because of the attention this level received, numerous people have falsely claimed to be bob. This has annoyed the heck out of the real bobisdacool1.