Here you can add all your info and ideas for upcoming levels. Please only add a separate page for each upcoming level when you are almost done with it (i.e. Phase 4 - see below for explanations.)

For each level/idea, please give a name, an estimated date for when it will come out (if available), its current progress, and a description. To make things simpler for level progress, here are a list of codes and their meanings:

PP - Pre-planning - This is the stage in which you have an idea for a level but haven't actually planned it out or figured out what you are going to do yet.

PL - Planning - This is the stage in which you have the level planned out, but haven't actually started making the level yet. Shame on you if you skip this phase and end up having to delete half your level because you didn't figure out what you were going to do with it.

A-P1 - Active Phase 1 - This is the stage where you're laying down the building blocks of the level, creating the main custom vehicle/feature, and other basic beginning things. The level is less than 25% done in this stage.

A-P2 - Active Phase 2 - This is the stage where you're finished with most of the basic gameplay features and you're adding in some minor details. The level is about 25% to 50% done in this stage.

A-P3 - Active Phase 3 - This is the stage where you're doing the major detailing or finishing the layout of the level. The level is about 50% to 90% complete in this stage.

A-P4 - Active Phase 4 - This is the stage where you're putting on the finishing touches of a level, such as last-minute details, an endscreen, or debugging. The level is over 90% complete in this stage.

I-P1, etc - Inactive Phase 1, etc - If you were working on a level, but stopped working on it, put an "I" in front of the phase that the level is currently in. Only one of your upcoming levels should be active.

Feel free to use others' ideas if they're still in the planning stages, but make sure to get permission first or make plans to collaborate.

Just as an example, here is how it should look for each user:


Level Name Progress Finish Date Description
Ultimate Race A-P3 August 2015 You choose a car and race against 2 other cars while the cops are chasing after you. You go through a parking garage, through an office, into a McDonalds, down a subway, into some fruit stands, past a neighborhood, through a playground, and into a garage. The racers and cops will be somewhat AI, which will be created by Ghais (he and I are collaborating on this level.)
Soldier I-P1 Unknown You're a soldier returning home to find that your home town has been overrun with a gang. You have to shoot down the gangmembers and their boss in order to rescue your family from where they're being held.
Stickman PP Unknown You're a stickman fighting for your safety against some bosses, including a pencil and an eraser. This will be a drawn level.
Independence Day PP July 2016 You're Irresponsible Dad, taking your son back in time to change what the founding fathers of the US did (since you're really fed up with the current politics).
Corporate Takeover PP Unknown You're Irresponsible Dad and you're fed up with absurd prices for your cable bills, so you break into the corporation and fight some literal bosses.