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    that's right!

    i uploaded the Video on my Channel!

    In this video, you'll see my oversized hands drawing the same art you saw in my previous blog post, and being continued in photoshop CC!

    AND, i talk in this video. I sound like a godamn robot XD some people even tell me i sound like the Yandere Dev guy XDD

    well, you've been warned XD


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    September 11, 2015 by Tayrone11

    So... lately i have been leaving HW a little bit. i am doing more art stuff now...

    school has begun for a couple of weeks now, so i have to check on homework and such.... and... it's not going well..

    happy wheels is too distracting for me to do homework. so i tried to continue art instead.... not much better...

    i have not made ANY homework this year :S

    well, if you're actually interested, i'll show you some of the art updates!

    i made this during sociology class.

    Next to my OC scotty, you see my new character!

    i think she's cute xD she is Scotty's Stalker-Girl... Poor Scotty xD

    Well, she doesn't have a name yet.

    Some name suggests i got: Gabby, Roxy, Alexis...

    Tell me which one do you think is the best, or suggest another name if you know a better on…

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    UPDATE:please read...

    September 3, 2015 by Tayrone11

    so,, i have not been editing for 4 days now. don't worry, i'm still here. i was on a camp with my class. i hoped to spend some more time with some  old classmates, who moved over to a different group. but it turned out dissapointing. i am very depressed now. i might look like a very skilled one on happy wheels.. but in real life, i am one worthless piece of shit, and i hate my life. i might end my life one day. not anytime soon but........ 

    anyway, i'm back now, and i'm gonna continue editing! i was working on a cave to use in the pokemon level i'm making with baum. but it turned out so well, that it's gonna be a level alone first! this cave looks very realistic and detailed. it's quite simuar to the legendary, Happy Green Hills! 

    my style c…

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    is Jim back?

    August 24, 2015 by Tayrone11

    so lately, a lot of people thought jim didn't give a shit about happy wheels anymore.

    but the most of us know that he was working on ios version. so since that's done, is Jim back in the site now?

    is he going to continue looking for the best levels to feature?

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    Gotta catch 'em all!

    August 14, 2015 by Tayrone11

    The first person pokemon preview is published!

    i LOVE the pikachu animation O.O i want it wanna hugit omgomgomg

    it looks very accurate too O.o

    next week, Baum HD is back from his vacation, and then we'll start working together!

    [know what? Go play it! i'm sure you can enjoy it!]


    if you're good with animations, you might be useful!

    also, the mechanics could be improved!

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