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    local saving.

    August 11, 2015 by Tayrone11

    I am loosing my progress sometimes.


    because i TRUSTED the local saver.

    when you save a level, there is a message that says that levels are saved locally as well.

    and yes, first that worked.

    but now i am loosing a lot of work because it's not working :/

    it's REALLY frustrating.

    Alright, something else..

    i decided to make a level with Baum_HD!

    he is a really nice and creative author from Germany, and he has 7000 subs on youtube O.o

    should we invite him to the wiki? XD

    it's gonna be a first person pokémon level!

    with first person, i mean like the scope/sniper levels on HW.

    more like the tomahawk throw. but with pokeballs XD

    i am SO glad that we're going to do this, because it's a very creative idea, and i really love pokemon =D

    along with this, i am go…

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  • Tayrone11

    Alright,, i finally got my school programs on my mac :)

    such as photoshop, illustrator, after effects, the whole adobe collection XD

    and,, i just want to let you guys know. next to a happy wheels author, i'm also just an artist :3

    and because of happy wheels, there are some things that i haven't done in a long time, like drawing.

    and even though i'm doing some serious stuff in happy wheels, i miss the stuff i used to do before i started making levels...

    so i am going to split the time i spend on happy wheels, to do digital art and drawing. so the progress on my projects will defenitly slow down. a lot.

    i also got a deviantart now.

    it's the same as my hw name.


    i aslo want to spend more time into my furries :3 

    coming up with stories and ch…

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    in my previous blog i told you about my new project 'The Wasteland'. but BEFORE i'm gonna continue this, i'm gonna complete a different project. i almost forgot this one XD


    so,, i kinda changed the plot on this one.

    this monster is NOT evil. he swallows you, because he needs a cure for his heart.

    the level is REALLY easy. BUT there is gonna be a boss battle in this one ;D

    here is the fish-like monster. so cute~

    the blood liquid under his tongue is animated. his eye blinks.

    There are only three rooms in this guy.

    ROOM 1!


    no hazards at all. just one interactive bone.

    ROOM 2!

    an acid pool. great!

    this one's animated too.

    it's not too hard to avoid. just.... do id's leaning jump thingy..

    ROOM 3!

    The b…

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  • Tayrone11

    New project

    July 31, 2015 by Tayrone11

    So,, as you may have noticed, lately i have been randomly starting projects, and cancel other ones.

    well guess what? I'm doing it again XD

    JK i'm not cancelling anything. yet.

    So, This one's called "The wasteland"

    it has got the Black-ish foreground art style, like in the android games "Limbo" or "Badland"

    it's going to be a role playing level.

    The player lives with his father in the wasteland, wich is ruled by monsters. the rulers of the wasteland don't know any mercy for those who do not obey them. and your father on the other hand, has never been there to do the slave work for the monsters. so the monsters are going to kill him. and you of course, want to protect your father. but he sends you to get the weapon that is hidden in a cave that yo…

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  • Tayrone11

    Even better news!

    July 21, 2015 by Tayrone11

    Remember what i once said about hacking my computer to get rid of my parental controls? you might have thought i was kidding... BUT, after a few youtube tutorials, i actually managed to enter the 'single user mode' on my iMac, and i created a new admin account! this means that i have 3 accounts on my iMac now. mine, my dad's, and a hacked admin one :)

    to be honest, i don't even know if this is considered 'hacking' , but what i do know, is that i can finally work in peace FOREVER!

    .......My dad won't be happy when he finds out XDDD

    Also, I published a Down toned edition of Kokiri forest HD!

    it has less art shapes, so it should run better on most systems!

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