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    So,, i have been drawing lately.

    I gave my official anthro character, Scotty, a feral form!

    OMG he is so adorabu O.O

    and if you ask, yes he has got a tattoo now XD

    So yeah, i thought: "what would this project be, without a nice happy wheels level?"

    So i have been working..

    Well,, There it is!

    this is going to be a level like Wings and Strings' Dragon flight school.

    but without flying. But you can jump! 

    So, in this level, scotty will be cursed by a random guy, and is turned into a feral! You have to catch this guy, so that he can turn you back to normal. you will be riding on scotty, through some hazards! 

    But i need some help with the joints!

    I'm not quite good with stuff like that!

    I want the legs to be moving when you go forward of course.

    is the…

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  • Tayrone11

    Glitch confirmed?

    July 13, 2015 by Tayrone11

    Have you guys noticed problems with the selection tool?

    when i select multiple shapes, some shapes will seem contiously selected, and i can't edit them.

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  • Tayrone11

    I just published it!!

    Kokiri Forest HD!!

    I'm pretty dissapointed that there are no other enemies next to Spiders.

    but it's SUCH a relief!

    even though i asked people to help here multiple times, and nobody did anything,, i still advertised the wiki, i'm so nice :)

    oh and not that it matters, i am very proud that i can say i made it all by myself :)

    there are some thing I want to inform you about...

    The poll from my previous blog post... i ended up ignoring it, and made a grown up link anyway XD


    there are 3 secrets.

    -hylian shield,

    -a golden skulltula,

    -and keaton. (not the mask, but keaton himself. you need the mask to find him)

    if you find them all 3, a code will appear. you need to put this code, …

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  • Tayrone11

    What link?

    July 5, 2015 by Tayrone11

    If you don't know what they look like, then i've got some pics right here

    I will probably make a speedart with this too :)

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    I found a way to add all your credits and comments in the blackhole!

    yes! do you see where this is going?

    the credits will slowly roll in a curve.

    Can you see how this is done?

    all the groups in the opacitive black circle have a fixed angle,

    and the circle is spinning slowly (motor speed -0.1)

    this way you can put in lots of credits, and if the player failed to read everything, that doesn't matter, because the credits will just roll again!

    the bigger the circle, tho more credits you can add!

    it's very useful!

    About the level. Gohma's battle is almost done!

    after this, you will be able to leave the deku tree, and you will talk with him about the 'wicked man from the desert' and 'the princess of destiny'

    and then you will leave the forest, with an e…

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