The very beginning of Walking Mecha Mk 3

Walking Mecha Mk 3 is a vehicle level created by FutureBusMan. It stands at 410,000 plays with a rating of 4.57 stars and nearly 800 votes. Wheelchair Guy is the forced character.

About the level

This level is basically a demolition lab. You first make your way up a small flight of stairs to then fall down and smash a set of vans. You break glass and then make your way to the finish, killing all of the human test dummies as you do so.


  • This is one of the few levels created by FutureBusMan that Toby Turner (Tobygames) has not played
  • PewDiePie played this level on August 27, 2013, in one of his last episodes
  • The Mecha had a leaping ability, allowing the controller to leap both forwards and backwards in the mecha. This ability was scrapped due to it's unreliability.
  • A test version of Walking Mecha Mk IV was released on June 5, 2014. It had received moderately high ratings and has around 125,000 plays.
  • MkIV

    Walking Mecha Mk IV (Unreleased)

    Mk III proves to be the strongest although it has trouble walking. Mk II is the fastest mecha.

    Walking Mecha Mk I


    Walking Mecha Mk II