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Here you can post your BEST levels you have made in Happy Wheels! By posting your levels here, people will play them!  The Your Best Levels Wiki is a fan-made wiki created so any person who has made levels in Happy Wheels can share their best levels to the Happy Wheels community, and get their levels to become more popular, and to even build up their own fanbase so their levels will become more popular in the future. Here, people will be able to recieve tips and tricks from experts as well as get level data that people can also use in their levels too, as well as a page containing a fun list of challenging levels for people to play. A list of all best levels page has also been created to easily access all of the level pages on the wiki.

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Challenge Levels

Are you bored and cannot find a fun level to play in Happy Wheels? Don't worry, we have a page full of challenging levels just for you! Click here. The levels are orginized from most difficult to less difficult; top to bottom, and any user can add their level to the challenge list as long as it is origional, creative, and does not break the level rules. The level does not have to have a page on this wiki in order to be added to the challenge list. The levels are ranked on an Insane, Hard and Medium scale.

Level Page Setup Recomendation

This is just a recommendation on how you can set up your page, but you can set it up in any way you want, as long as it includes the main points.


<levelname> is a level by <username>. It is... <include the rating, number of votes, the play count, and what character is playable>.


Describe the details, and the gameplay in the level.

Level Type

What kind of level is it? Go to the top navigation bar, and go to 'Happy Wheels Levels' for all the kinds of levels.


Add some fun, cool facts about your level. Remember to bullet them. This is the fates of the level.For example,if the level is your most played one you have made, if it's the only level you have made with a certain character, etcetera.


Include some ways you can cheat on the level by getting past or skipping a certain part. Also bullet these. If you level does not have any hacks/cheats, then do not worry about adding this section.


Use this section if the level was your most played, your top rated level, etc.

You are welcome to add a photo or video of your level.

To see an example page for a level, click here.

Remember, be creative!

Wiki Rules


If you want to contact an administrator or bureaucrat, see the list of wiki administrators and bureaucrats.


Visit our forum to chat with other users about what's going on in Happy Wheels, levels, suggestions for the wiki, and much more!

List of All Best Levels

The List of all Best Levels page is a convenient way to keep track of all the levels on this wiki!

Newest Levels

The Newest Levels on the Wiki page keeps you on track of all the newest levels which have a page in this wiki!

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