Zombie Ambush - Pt.2 is a level created by DJ_Thanos and the second level in the Zombie Ambush series. It has over 2.500 plays with a weighted rating of 3 from 4 votes. Segway Guy is the forced character.


You start exactly where the first one begins, but with Segway Guy's point of view. He starts screaming and you have to make it into a building across. However, unlike with Wheelchair Guy, you choose to go under the building, where you hit a zombie and falling into a hidden vent. In there, the word "DIE" is written on the wall with blood, and next to it a severed head. If you drive over the bloodpool, your segway wheels will leave a mark behind. Either way, you exit the vent where you land on the ground, where another zombie is awating. You knock it down and then exit the area. Now into town, you approach a sewer. From there a zombie is breaking the sewer's cover, launching into the air. You go in the sewer, seeing an annoyed Lawnmower Man NPC taking a dump, put there as a joke. As you ride, you find out the rest of the town is ruined, and after exiting the sewers, you jump over a lava puddle and ride to a rescue chopper which just arrived. Then you win the level.


  • Common in DJ_Thanos's levels, this one also has various outcomes of some actions:
    • After exiting the vent and making it to the "boost-ground", ignore the zombie and the rest of the level and ride back. You will enter the building from a "hidden" door where you land on a white rectangle. Then, the level stops with a yellow face saying "Gotcha!". Then a beat starts playing.
    • Falling into the lava puddle will fail the level and show a close up of Segway Guy, disolving revealing half of his skull and his chest. A long drum is heard during this.
  • The second zombie in the blue clothes is (or was) a member of the secret laboratory.
  • Instead of entering the sewer but keep on going, you will hit a fence and Segway Guy will hint you by saying "I have to go underground!"